2014 First Quarter Report – Fiscal Gain?

Greetings Donor Team!

Will you think of your joy meter for me?  That is what we want you to think about when you consider your gifts to help the young men in our mentoring program.  We hope it brings you joy because the need is great and we are making a difference.  As with many newsletters our needs are at the bottom.  We have four this time.  Please keep your joy meter handy to see if it would bring you joy to help out in one of these important areas.

One-on-One Breakfast:
A large part of the mentoring program is having breakfast each week during the school year.  IHOP is often the destination of choice.  The food is bad for us but the fellowship is good.  During the first year we talk about three main things:
1. 5 major pitfalls of inner-city life.
2. 8 things that make a man.
3. Budget!  How much it costs to live.
We also get to play lots of backgammon and cards!
A Mini Van!
Last newsletter we said that Aaron, our new mentor, needed a car to drive and to pick up the guys.  Someone donated a car to us!  Such a big help as Aaron pursues his degree and mentors new youth.
Stretching Experiences:
Our budget allows for fun outings twice a month.  We try for activities that are fun but also ones that get them out of their comfort zone and stretch them.  Last month we went indoor rock climbing.  It was stretching in more ways than one. Before we went in one guy talked of just going back and playing video games but by the end he said “This was a lot funner than I thought it would be.”   We ended up staying until it was time to close.

Baby due in September!  Need I say more? Quite a season of change over these past 1 1/2 years.  We are all excited!

ROI (return on investment):
We know it is early but after two years of mentoring we can get a general idea of who will dropout, who will graduate, and who will probably go to college.  Compared against the average for youth in our demographics we are on track for an ROI of 12.38.  You give us one dollar and the future economy gains $12.38.  A great deal.  So good of a deal that our board has approved a raise for us.  Good news indeed!  We are also generating an estimated  net benefit to society of $1.6 million.  Our SROI (social return on investment) will be even higher than 12.38 but it is too early to extrapolate that data.
Statistics extrapolated from this study.Net-Fiscal-Gain-2014

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Still have your joy meter?  Here are our current needs.  Please consider what might bring you joy to help out with.

1. Internship!  One of our guys, Toree, who is a sophomore at Rainier Beach, wants to work this summer.  I explained the difference between just working and doing an internship.  He wants to try an internship.  Do any of you know any summer jobs that could serve as a good educational experience for him?  He is a responsible young man, a hard worker, in honors math and language arts, and needs some life experience.  Other than being a little on the quiet side I have no reservations in recommending him.

2. SuperCamp!  We need to send three of our guys to SuperCamp this summer.  SuperCamp is a 10 day academic and life skills camp at major universities across the country.  A great kick start for our guys heading into high school.  A generous donor has agreed to pay for tuition for two of our mentees if we can raise the money for one.  Would you consider helping us raise $3,600 for one student so we may send a total of three to camp?

3.  Funding for Aaron!  Aaron is our new mentor and he would like to mentor two youth over the next four years while he pursues his own degree.  We are looking for 35 people to give $50 a month over the next four years.  The money will provide mentoring for two at-risk youth and also help Aaron as he pursues his own degree.

4. Web and graphic design work.  Part of our family income is our web and graphic design business, Fairway Studios.  Please keep us in mind for any website or graphic design needs.  Thanks!

Did your joy meter go up?  Are there any needs that would bring you joy to help meet?  Please let us know.

A big thank you to each one of you for your support.  It is making a difference!

Sincerely ~ Rick, Rebecca, Luke, Eli… and baby.