2014 Second Quarter Report – How can I help?

Greetings, Team!

People often ask “Aside from financial support, how can we help?”  We have some ideas for you at the end.  But first… it’ summertime!!  Summertime means lots of fun with the guys.  Some of our guys go to academic and life skills camp during the summer but for the most part we slow down the intentional mentoring portion of things and just have fun.  All the mentoring research shows that you cannot just teach, teach, teach.  Mentor and mentees need to have fun together.

The go-cart battles are epic.


Rattlesnake Ridge Hike
A beautiful day on the ridge.


Mariners Game
A generous donor paid for the game and dinner.  Go Ms!


AAU Basketball Team
Luke (our son) made the Rotary Style AUU second team.  Rick coached
the team.  The experience allowed Luke to get better at basketball, make
make some good friends, and for us to be plugged into the local


Trip to Bend, Oregon
Michael was part of our mentoring program but he moved to Bend,
Oregon to be with a family that is trying to adopt him.  Very cool.
Michael and Rick continued to stay in touch.  Our family spent a
week in Bend so we were able to spend some time with Michael.
Michael has been through unbelievably hard times in his life
but said on the visit that Rick is the only male he trusts in
Seattle.  While Michael has moved on from our program we
believe that the mentoring relationships are for a lifetime.


Our baby is due early September.  We are all excited.

Still want to know how you can help?  Here are some good ideas.

1. Jobs/Internships:  Summer jobs or part-time work during the school year.

2. Job Shadowing:  Let us know if you or someone you know would be willing to let our guys job shadow for half a day.

3. Fun/Stretching Outings:  We are always looking for crazy, fun, stretching adventures to go on.

4. Extra Tickets: Do you have season tickets to a game or extra tickets to an event?  Even if they are last minute we want to know about them.

5.  School Supplies and Clothes:  Some of our guys need school supplies or new school clothes.  Let us know if you have extra.

6. Volunteers/Interns: We have a lot of data that needs to be entered, research that needs to be done, grants that need to be written.  Lend us your fingers once or twice a month!

7. Pro Bono Accounting or Legal Help:  Know any accountants or lawyers who want to donate their time to a good cause?

8. Christmas Gifts: Have any extra Christmas gifts that a high schooler would enjoy?  Send them our way.

9. Web and Graphic Design Work: Please remember us and Fairway Studios for any web or graphic design work you need.  While we would like the mentoring program to one day be our full-time gig it is still part-time at this point.

Good news!  We reached our first funding goal to fund our new mentor and mentees.  We will introduce them in the next newsletter.

Hope your summer is going well!

Sincerely ~ Rick, Rebecca, Luke, Eli… and almost baby.