2016 January – Happy New Year

Happy New Year from MUST!


There is a Newell tradition to ask The New Year Questions: 1) Name two highs and one low from the past year. 2) What are you looking forward to next year. 3) How can we come along side you to help?

Before our 2nd annual Santa photo we had Christmas brunch at our house with everyone pictured above. We asked the New Year Questions.
HIGHS: Electric go-karts, our camping/bonding trip last summer and Seahawks practice topped the list… along with other MUST outings.
LOWS: A desire for better grades and health.
NEXT YEAR: “Finishing school.” “Going to college.” “Doing better in school” “Seeing you (mentees) continue to do well in school.”
HOW CAN WE HELP: “Stay on me about my grades.” “Just continue to be there for me.”

One of the most powerful things about MUST is that youth are in community with other youth who want to do well in school. We say “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” MUST provides a culture of education and hope… and fun!

Meet Marcel

A study by Columbia University showed that there are 3.28 million ‘under-attached’ youth in America. “Despite some schooling and some work experience beyond (age) 16, these youth have not progressed through college or secured a stable attachment to the labor market.” Each under-attached youth costs society, on average, $600,000.

Marcel had his GED but was ‘under-attached’. Over the past year we have allowed Marcel to come with us on our fun outings. These fun times allowed Marcel to warm to the idea of being mentored. Due to the encouragement of MUST, he is now enrolled in community college, is pursing employment and is being mentored each week. Marcel has a hard road ahead of him but MUST will be with him each step of the way.

The Newells

The Newell’s New Year Questions (see questions above)
HIGHS: Disneyland (the grand-parents took us) and Fast Pitch (see previous newsletter).
LOWS: Seeing the environment some of our MUST youth live in.
NEXT YEAR: Travel and adventure.
HELP: Continue your wonderful support. Thank you and Happy New Years from the Newells (Rick, Rebecca, Luke, Eli and Henry)! You are helping break the cycle of poverty for our youth.
M.U.S.T. is dedicated to finding promising men in their early to mid twenties in the urban core who grew up in at-risk environments but now want to get their education. We pay them to get their higher education AND to mentor youth who are truly at-risk of dropping out of high school. Most exciting of all… it’s working!
Thank you for partnering with us this year!
You can now make donations directly to MUST!
Checks are payable to Mentoring Urban Students and Teens
EIN Tax ID: 47-3006113
4093 Letitia Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118