2016 May – Spring Activities

MLK, Jr. Scholarship 


Rebecca and Rick serve on the Mt. Baker MLK, Jr. Scholarship Committee in order to help the youth in the community earn college scholarships. Both Toree and Erica (two on the left) won scholarships this year ($3,000 each year for the next two years). Only 11% of low income first generation students will finish college once they start. MUST plans to blow that stat out of the water thanks to the Mt. Baker MLK, Jr. Scholarship and thanks to you!

Job Shadowing


Job shadowing is such an integral part of what MUST does. Most of the youth in the program have no idea of the type of jobs that are out there. If you know successful African Americans in your work place in the Seattle area we would love to meet them. It is unbelievably helpful for our youth to see successful African Americans working in a variety of careers. During our job shadows we ask ‘the three hows’:

How do you do what you do?
How much money do you make (people usually answer within a salary range)?
How did you get here?

Those questions and more open the door of possibilities.

What did you do last weekend?

For many years Rick posed this same question to kids at the Boys & Girls Club. For years he heard the exact same answer: “Nothing.” Thanks to you, our youth have something to do on the weekends. Our budget pays for dinners, frisbee golf, concerts, indoor rock climbing, movies… etc. It may seem like a small thing but stuff to do on the weekend means they are not in the streets, they are building healthy friendships and their world is expanding. You help make that happen!.



Shy was our first high school graduate last year. About half of MUST youth will drop out of high school without us. Shy not only graduated but is in college. Only about 10% of MUST youth will even attempt college without our intervention. Only 11% of those will finish. Shy is getting better at school thanks to meeting with his coach, Aaron, each week and thanks to you! MUST will be there for each step.

Thank you for partnering with us this year!

You can now make donations directly to MUST!
Checks are payable to Mentoring Urban Students and Teens
EIN Tax ID: 47-3006113
4093 Letitia Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118