2017 December – Work Training

End of the Year Donations 

It is that time of year again… end of the year donations! What amount would give you the most joy? We are in the second year of a four year matching grant from The Dean Witter Foundation. They will kindly match up to $10,000 donated to MUST that is not a regular monthly donation. Would you please consider an end of year donation in addition to your regular monthly giving? Thank you for a GREAT year!


Preparing our guys to be great employees is a long process. One of the tools we use is the employee matrix above. We ask them if they want to get a raise at work and be promoted. They say ‘yes’ because they all want to ‘stack those chips.’ Both mentors and youth are taught several key elements to being a great employee: What is your mood at work? Do you help advance the mission? Is it a good thing when your boss sees your number on his/her phone?

Black and White

Much of Rick’s time is spent as the only white person in the room. This is reflected in the picture below. His experience as a ‘minority’ has helped him understand that most of our African American brothers and sisters spend a majority of their lives as the only minority in the room. Being a minority often means feeling a lack of control, being overlooked, misunderstood, isolated, lonely and powerless. Please take some time this week to listen to and understand African American’s in your circle. If there are no African Americans in your circle we encourage you to think about expanding your circle. We guarantee your life will be richer because of it.


Whirly Ball Web 2WhirlyBall

Rollerskating WebRollerskating
Madden WebMadden Tournament

Fun along the way keeps the group together and headed in the right direction. Mentors, who are all grinding it out in high education, get to spend time together and be encouraged that there are others doing the same thing. Youth, who are grinding it out in high school, get the same type of encouragement and they see those ahead of themselves in college. There are some evenings that seem almost magical. We are giving them memories they would not otherwise have and that they will never forget.

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