2017 February – Weekends and Outings


When was the first time you had a snowball fight? Went sledding? Built a snowman? These were a few of the ‘firsts’ for some of the newest cohort during a weekend of bonding and life teaching at Mt. Baker. Over one 15 minute period Rick heard some derivative of “This is so cool” about 10 times. For many youth the city is the only thing they have ever known. Exposure to new things can be life changing!

The Sinister Seven

Annually we take the guys away for a long weekend to talk about ‘The Sinister Seven.’ It is a list of the seven most common things that pull kids down. #1 Friends – Show me your friends and I will show you your future. #2 The Bedroom – Mishandle the bedroom and it will change your life. The weekend is a safe place to talk about hard issues. 


A new partnership with The Seattle Symphony let us do a Dating 101 night with some of the guys. How do you treat a girl on a date? What do you talk about? What is etiquette? These ideas and more were talked about over dinner and a show. So fun!
Family Fun Center 2016 - Newsletter Family Fun Center – One of the guys who has been in the program awhile said “The best memories of my life are with you guys.” Fun outings keep them off the streets AND build a foundation of positive memories.

Oh, Baby!

On February 1st, Charles “Charlie” Stanley Newell (8lbs. 8oz., 20”, 8:54am) was born. Both mama and baby are doing well. We are so proud of each of our four boys! What a ride!

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