2017 – Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! 


As many of you know, when small businesses make it past their 5th year, their chances of succeeding go way up. MUST just passed its 5th Anniversary. It is so encouraging! Financially, it was rough those first two years. Starting this spring, MUST now pays Rick a full-time salary with benefits. When we look at our first cohort and where they are now we are encouraged in many ways. MANY mistakes were made along the way with this crew but we hit the projections we were shooting for. The new guys look to be doing better. They still have a looong way to go but thanks to you they have a fighting chance!

Weekend Away


Each summer we take the guys out of town for the weekend. We talk about real life and struggles they will face. One guy said this year “I have never been farther from my home than Edmonds” (which is about 20 miles away). They call it ‘camping’ even though Rick clarifies every year that beds, a kitchen and toilets do not qualify. Getting out of the city together bonds the guys to each other and allows for good conversation… and much needed fun.



At the end of May, Rick was able to present a TEDx talk on our mentoring model. He worked very hard and it went very well. It will be another strong building block for our organization. We will let you know when the video comes out!

Housing, Housing, Housing


Housing continues to be a real and vital need for our mentors and guys trying to tackle college. Housing costs in Seattle have skyrocketed so our guys either have to work a lot of hours to pay for housing in Seattle or move way south and commute. Our dream is to have a MUST house guys can stay in to save money and to learn what it means to live independently in a healthy way. Would you please keep your eyes and ears open for an opportunity to meet this important need?.

You can make donations directly to MUST!
Checks are payable to Mentoring Urban Students and Teens
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