2018 – Who wants to be a millionaire?

Changing Futures

E, E, E, C, D, E – 83. Those letters and numbers are not genetic code. They are not a locker combination. They are the grades of a student and the number of times he has skipped a class in a semester. How do you get him to study? How do you get a youth to want to go to school? How do you get him to stop dangerous behavior while he is skipping school?

‘Jimmy’ was just such a kid. His freshman year he only earned one credit toward graduation. One credit. If Jimmy did not change he had three choices: poverty for the rest of his life, jail or death. That’s it. MUST works with the middle school counselors to find the youth like Jimmy who are in the most danger going into high school. The need is real and urgent and you, as MUST supporters, are helping Jimmy change his future.


If Jimmy did not change he had three choices: poverty for the rest of his life, jail or death.


People are complex. What motivates one person to change will not motivate another. How do you cultivate lasting change in Jimmy’s life? MUST believes there are two key ingredients that are common to most kids to get them to head in a new direction. Two things that prove effective over time.

The number one ingredient is to show Jimmy that someone cares. When a youth has been neglected, abandoned or abused it is hard to build trust over a few months. It must be shown over time. This is why MUST is a four year mentoring program. It can take a year or two for Jimmy to trust that we will still be there for them.

Jimmy is now in his third year with MUST and is almost caught up on credits to graduate on time and wants to go to college. MUST has demonstrated to him over a long time that we care.

What is the second ingredient that has helped him succeed? Near-peer positive male role models. For two and half years Jimmy has been surrounded by his mentor and other older African American guys who are in college and who have also overcome a great deal. He sees leaders ahead of him. The path is being cleared and Jimmy is following.

MUST is raising $150K of new funds this year. Would you consider increasing your current donations or becoming a regular monthly donor to help guys like Jimmy? Go now to the MUST website and donate today! https://www.mentoringisamust.org/donations/

FAST FACTS: Only 11% of 1st generation low income students will graduate college if they start.

MUST QUOTES: “He has become more confident in school and eager to take on the next challenge.”  – Guardian of MUST

How to Retire a Millionaire
(It’s easier than you think)

Win the lottery, become famous, be a professional athlete? How else do you retire a millionaire? Once a quarter MUST gets the youth together to teach some important life skills. In November the topic was ‘How to Retire a Millionaire… (It is easier than you think)’. We broke the guys into groups and rotated through four different stations every 20 minutes.

Each station leader was either a professional in the field (real estate, finance… etc.) or had researched and prepared to present the topic to the guys. For many youth this was the first time anyone had talked to them about these issues.

We structured the event like a board game of LIFE. Guys made choices at each station. They were given game card instructions to try and start a business or buy a house. Dice were used to show the statistical probability of success. We then checked in with them at 4 years, 9 years, 19 years and at 65 years old. How did the decisions they made when they were ‘young’ affect their retirement?

The Four Stations

1. Pick a career. We gave them four choices: get a job after high school, go to college for four years, enter the trades or go into the army.
2. Avoid bad debt. What is bad debt? What is good debt? How do you get out of debt? How do you boost your credit score? Why is that important?
3. Save 15% of every paycheck and
invest it. Guys learned that being young was an asset and how investments should grow over time.
4. Buy a home. How do you buy a home? Why could it be a good idea to buy a home? Renting vs owning.

You, as MUST supporters, are helping make this happen. Future millionaires were born that day in November and all because of you and your support. We cannot thank you enough for your support and helping us change generations!

The MUST Misson: MUST is dedicated to finding promising African American men in college and paying them to mentor African American youth who are in genuine danger of dropping out of high school. The younger watches the older for 4 years and begins to think, “If he can do it… so can I!”


Housing – Would you consider buying MUST a house or letting us take care of yours while our college students stay there? Housing is a constant and urgent need.

Cars – MUST is always on the lookout for used cars for our mentors. We need about three new (used) cars each year. You can make it a tax deductible gift!

Food – Some of our youth and college age guys struggle with hunger. Would you mail us some gift cards from Subway, Safeway or QFC?

Funding – Would you consider helping us meet our $150K fundraising goal this year for new funds?

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