End of the Year Area Director Evaluation

End-of-Year Area Director (Kelvin) Evaluation

We ask for your name in this feedback form but Kelvin will not know who the feedback is from. Only Rick will see your answers on this form. There is one clearly identified section below where you can write something directly to Kelvin so he knows who it is from. All the other fields on this form will be anonymous. Feel some freedom to voice your opinion. It will help him and the organization get better. Thank you!
  • Good Employee Matrix

    The Employee Matrix was developed so MUST employees would grow into a GREAT employees over the four years they are with us. When they land in their career we would like them to hit the ground running and get raises and promotions. Area directors are held to the same standard.
  • Employee Matrix
  • Feedback

    MUST is dedicated to improving each year. These questions help us know what areas we need to improve on for next year and what things we are doing well in. You will not hurt our feelings if you offer constructive criticism. We actually crave it. What is Kelvin doing well? What can he work on? Again, your feedback is anonymous so feel free to say what you think and feel.
  • NOTE: Kelvin will know your answers to this final section. All previous answers on this form will be anonymous.