End of the Year Mentor Questionnaire

End-of-Year Mentor Questionnaire

Questionnaire for Mentors in the MUST mentoring program.
  • Good Employee Matrix

    The Employee Matrix was developed so you would grow into a GREAT employee at your next job. So you will get raises and promotions in your next position.
  • Employee Matrix
  • On a scale of 1 - 10. How true are these statements of you? 10 means it was very true of you. 1 means it was not true of you at all.

  • Coach Feedback

    Coaches need help like mentors. Your feedback below will help your Coach get better and make next year even more helpful.
  • MUST Feedback

    MUST is dedicated to improving each year. These questions help us know what areas we need to improve on for next year and what things we are doing well in. You will not hurt our feelings if you offer constructive criticism. We actually crave it. What are we doing well? What can we work on? You will be given an anonymous survey to evaluate your Area Director (Rick). Please keep the feedback below focused on the program in general.