Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child become a part of your program?

M.U.S.T. tries to identify the youth we serve in the Spring.  If you feel your child qualifies for the M.U.S.T. mentoring program, please print out the application online and mail it in. We start our new cohorts at the beginning of each summer.

What youth qualify for the M.U.S.T. mentoring program?

M.U.S.T. desires to serve youth who are truly in danger of dropping out of high school.  In order to find these youth, we aim for young people who meet the first five indicators below and then possibly one of the next four. of six indicators of kids who are in danger of dropping out of high school:

  1. African American Male
  2. No positive male role model living at home. 
  3. GPA near 2.0 or below.
  4. Parents/Guardians who did not go to college.
  5. Qualify for free or reduced price lunch (low income).
  1. Previous problem behaviors at school, at home or with the law.
  2. 7+ absentees from school.
  3. Parents who are/wereincarcerated.
  4. No algebra by the 8th gradeand/or a level behind in their reading.

Youth do not need to fit this profile perfectly but they do need to be in danger of dropping out of high school when they get there. The application and interview process also help determine those in the greatest need.

Are your mentors safe?

Our mentors highly screened during the selection process, undergo annual background checks and have to take a random drug tests throughout the year.  They also have to take child protection training to make them more aware of child predators.  M.U.S.T. desires to create a safe environment for the youth we serve and take every measure necessary to ensure our mentors are safe.

How do I become a mentor?

M.U.S.T. chooses its mentors in the Fall.  If you feel that you qualify for being a mentor, please fill out the application and mail it in to us.

Who qualifies for being a mentor?  

M.U.S.T. knows that for some it just takes a little while to realize that they should have gone to college. In light of this, M.U.S.T. desires to help our Mentors finish college and reach their full potential. Each Mentor and Mentee represent a substantial financial investment for M.U.S.T. so we choose our Mentors very carefully.

Ideal Qualifications for our Mentors:

  • In college or advanced degree. 
  • Early to mid twenties in age.
  • Faced many of the same hurdles (see above) that our mentees face.
  • Highly motivated to finish college.
  • Realize they have a lot to learn in life and are willing to be mentored themselves.