2015 February – Seasons

The M.U.S.T. calendar cycles in four seasons; Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

In the FALL we locate our mentors for the next year. We choose mentors before youth because we want to match them well with the at-risk youth we will be selecting in the spring. We are proud to say we have selected Manuel Collins (left) and Leon Brown (right) as our mentors for next year. Both have good character, are good with youth, and both will now be able to get their higher education because of M.U.S.T.

2014-santa-pictures-webLeft to right: Toree, Kenny, Malcolm, Shy, Izzy, Aaron and Rick.
Cedric was sick for the picture. Our numbers will more than double
next year if we get the funding we need.
After we have selected our mentors we determine how many youth they will mentor for the next four years (between 2 and 5 each). Manuel and Leon will be mentoring 8 at-risk youth starting in June while they pursue  their own higher education.
In the winter we secure the funding for our new mentors. For Manuel and Leon we need a total of $80,000 per year for the next four years. High school drop outs cost society on average nearly $300,000 EACH, so it is well worth the price. Would you please consider donating to the cause and/or introducing us to some one who will want to help? DONATE TODAY
toree-2 - CopyIn the spring we find the youth to match with our new mentors. It is a long process; meeting with the parents and teens to see who qualifies for our at-risk criteria, who would be a good fit for which mentor, and who would be open to mentorship.
Toree (right) is now talking of working at Microsoft and we just helped him get his driving permit last week. Drivers Ed is no longer taught in schools, making it inaccessible and cost prohibitive for our youth to get their permits
and licenses.
laser-tagLaser tag, dominoes, college basketball, and root beer floats at mom and dads.
Summer time is play time. Mentor and mentees are matched and we give them lots of time to bond over the summer doing all types of fun and stretching activities before school starts in the fall… and the calendar cycle begins again.
Thank you for partnering with us!