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Kelvin Washington, Executive Director

Kelvin Washington Jr., a native of Houston, Texas, has a simple motto: “serve to save.” Kelvin believes the foundation of hope begins with positive relationships. Dedicated to this belief, his sole purpose in life is to provide hope through building meaningful connections, especially for African American males. Aiming to bring awareness to an often overlooked aspect of many communities, Kelvin founded “Think Different”, where he solely consults on the mental health of African American males. Prior to focusing on mental health Kelvin also founded “Make A Change 4 Youth” in collaboration with Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Alpha Chapter, where he focused on supporting African American males in the DC area through reality pedagogy in the classroom.

Kelvin attained his B.A. from Howard University and also holds a M.Ed from the University of Washington in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on African American males. In his program Kelvin also earned an Environmental Education Certificate from IslandWood, located on Bainbridge Island, where he was the first African American male graduate.

Rick Newell, Founder

Rick Newell worked at the Rotary Boys & Girls Club in the Central District of Seattle for 7 years. During his time at the club the youth he coached won 9 national awards from a pool of over 2 million youth. From his time at the club Newell came to firmly believe that the need of the hour in the urban core is positive near-peer male role models. The MUST mentoring program was born from this belief. From its inception Newell believed the best leader would be someone who accurately reflected those being served by the program. Someone just like Kelvin Washington.

Newell is currently serving as the Interim Director for the Latino branch of MUST until leadership can be raised up to replace him. Rick is happily married to his wife, Rebecca, and loves being a dad to his four boys. They live a block off of Rainier Avenue and close to those they serve.

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