Social ROI = 8.25
Estimated lifetime value of MUST so far = $3.8M

There are three good studies that show how much society benefits if a youth goes from dropping out of high school to graduating, or being established in a career after high school, or doing some college, graduating college or getting a masters degree. All three studies show the lifetime benefit to society (justice system, welfare, healthcare… etc). Since there are three studies we can have a fairly accurate measurement. A conservative projection of MUST youth who have been in the program at least one year (freshman are too young to estimate their future) shows that MUST has a social ROI (return on investment) of 9.5. For every $1 you donate to MUST it benefits the community $8.25 in social costs. A conservative estimate of how much MUST has saved society is $3.8 million.
Study #1 2010-6-29Final-FiscalConsequencesDroppingoutofHSinLAMetroArea November-2011-High-School-Dropout-Paper The-Consequences-of-Dropping-out-of-high-school

Study #2 November-2011-High-School-Dropout-Paper

Study #3 The-Consequences-of-Dropping-out-of-high-school


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