Youth Assessment – Year 2

Parent/Guardian Assessment of Youth - Year 2

Dear Parent or Guardian, Thank you for taking the time to fill out this assessment. Your answers to these questions help MUST determine if your Youth is advancing in his development as a Man, an Adolescent and in his Career/Education.
  • Assessment

    MUST assesses its Youth each year in three areas: Becoming a Man, Adolescent Development and Academics. Will you please assess your Youth in each of these areas below?

    Year 2

    Becoming a Man

    MUST teaches its Youth that there are 8 things that make a man. Each year the youth are held accountable for two of the eight. Year 1: 1) Is reliable and keeps his word and 2) A man owns his mistakes. In the second year MUST teaches Year 2: 3) A man faces his fears. 4) A man cherish women and treats them as equals.
  • Adolescent Development

    Please assess your Youth on the following three adolescent development stages. It is normal for Youth not to be doing well in some of these areas.
  • Academic/Career Development

    Is your Youth on track to graduate high school on time?